The motivation of Gäbi is based on one of the most tragic events in Korean history, Eulmi-Incident. In 1895, after Korean empress Min was assassinated by the Japanese assassins at the palace, Gojong, the twenty-sixth king of the Joseon dynasty and the f irst Emperor of Korea, worked on staging the future Korean Empire while hiding out on the premises of a Russian legation.
Here, he was the f irst person to taste cof fee in Korea.

The visual identity of Gäbi Cof fee & Bakery is the end of Chosun Empire period which is a blend of traditional oriental culture and modern western culture. It was not until the nineteenth century that the full force of Western peoples and cultures were able to penetrate into Korea because of the isolation. However, sporadic interactions with foreign people, ideas, and cultures made lasting impacts in Korean history. Because cof fee came from the West and resembled Asian herbal medicine that only the rich could af ford, it was consumed as a symbol of westernization and modernization.

Gäbi Cof fee & Bakery serves craft coffee and artisan pastry.
Our main objective is to not only to create a place that serves
specialty cof fee with premium desserts, but provide an exotic multicultural space that the community can enjoy and share. The ambience protrudes visual subtleties that coalesce the two cultures; West and East, past and future. We want to be able to provide a satisfying multisensory experience to our guests.